Sunday, October 6, 2013

Long-awaited Princess Mononoke nails!

Sorry for the long delay between posts -- I was determined to have my next post be Princess Mononoke nails, and I kept getting hung up on how I would layout the design on my nails. Luckily I finally figured it out!

I took inspiration from some of my favorite moments in the movie, and some inspiration came from cover art. As per usual, these took an insane amount of time to paint! But I think the time spent was worth it for these awesome pictures to be on my nails!

Left Hand: Nighttime Forest Spirit (thumb), Daytime Forest Spirit (pointer, middle, ring), and a glow in the dark Kodama (pinky)
Since the subject of the nails on my left hand are different but related to one another, I tried to create a sense of uniformity throughout the nails by having the background colors run in to each other -- The thumb's color bleeds in to the pointer, and the ring finger bleeds in to the pinky.

Side note: The Kodama on my pinky glows in the dark (if you didn't read the caption)!! I couldn't take a good picture of this effect with my camera, but trust me, he glows! I love him <3 p="">
Left Hand: Thumb close up
I was really happy with how the thumb came out on the left hand -- I've been wanting to do the Nighttime Forest Spirit for a long time, and I think this pays respect to the original design. The image was too small to do the swirls inside his body; if I had put them in, you'd lose the detail of the Spirit's body. So I chose to leave them out.

Right Hand: Ashitaka's curse (pinky), angry Ashitaka with his pulsating cursed arm (ring), 'Mononoke' hirigana (middle), 'Hime / Princess' kanji (pointer), San and her wolf brother (thumb)
For the right hand, I tried to be a bit more ambitious with the detail work. The ring finger is probably my favorite out of all the nails I did. Though Ashitaka's face is a little rudimentary looking, all the major details are there, and I think you still get a good idea of the scene this is taken from. The middle and pointer fingers, well... My hirigana and kanji are terrible, but I really like the title screen in the movie, and wanted to include it with this design. So please excuse their terrible brushstrokes! The thumb -- oh man. I tried you guys! Hahaha!

Right Hand: Thumb close up
I'm kind of embarrassed by how the thumb turned out. Granted I think fans of the film will recognize the reference photo, but man, I should have stopped a few blood spatters and line work from where I stopped! I'm still happy that I was able to get the image somewhat decently on to my nail -- What do you all think?

Overall, I am happy with the way these came out -- I got to paint everything I wanted to, and they all turned out pretty decent looking. In the future, I may revisit this theme and try some other layout. We shall see!

Thank you for reading!! :)

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